One of the most challenging and emotional moments of our lives comes when we realize our parents or loved ones may need to move to a senior living community. The most difficult step is initiating a conversation. Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Educate yourself. Senior Living communities are different from each other. Schedule a tour or speak with a representative who can help educate you on the terminology, different levels of care and types of communities, etc.
  2. Understand what your loved one needs. Write down what you are looking for in a community.
  3. Include your loved one in the decision. Allow your loved one to provide input and be a decision-maker. They will appreciate it and be apt to be open to the idea.
  4. Emphasize the benefits (amenities & services). Demonstrate how your loved one’s lifestyle will improve with all the social opportunities available.
  5. Exercise patience. Making the move is a big decision and change is difficult. Don’t expect your loved one to be supportive right away. Give them time to learn and understand the value and safety of community life. Allow them to ask a lot of questions and seek second opinions from friends and other loved ones.